June 15th 7.30pm on BrEDS Workplace Livestream Channel

Delivering CBT during lock down: Creative solutions for now and the future

Following our last successful webinar on Covid-19 and eating disorders, we will focus this time on how therapy has adapted to lock down and what we can take from these changes to improve treatment in the future. We have two expert speakers, Rebecca Murphy and Glenn Waller.

Rebecca is Senior Research Clinician and Co-Director of CREDO the Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford and Honorary Clinical Psychologist at Oxford Health NHS
Foundation Trust. She was part of the team that developed and tested Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Enhanced (CBT-E).

Glenn is Professor and Head of Department at Department of Psychology, The University of Sheffield. He has published widely on many aspects of eating disorders, but has a special interest in the treatment of the eating disorders, with a particular focus on cognitive-behavioural approaches. Together with colleagues he has developed and evaluated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Ten (CBT-T).

Both speakers have recently published papers on the webinar topic.

Each speaker will give a presentation and you will have chance to post questions during the webinar for discussion following the presentations. We will be joined during the discussion by Ricardo Dalle Grave who leads the Lake Garda service in Italy which has developed CBT-E for adolescents, in-patients and day patients. We hope you can attend what should be a thought provoking, but practical webinar.

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